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Product Discovery Workshop

The first product workshop to build better MVPs

Planning is the most important part of product development. You have a clear product vision, but how can you deliver the right software on time and within budget?
Choose only features that matter and add value
Create a roadmap for all development phases
Receive a professional document
Professionals at leading companies work  with us:
"They are really professional and care a lot about quality and communication."
"Great experience which left us with the feeling to execute more projects together"
Top 100+ Node.js
dev companies in 2023

Avoid costly mistakes and control the process

"They had a very consistent process at the beginning which is called Product Discovery Workshop."
Andrei Goras
Operations Director,
Improved Planning
Build the right app and attract investors with a clear roadmap and plan for optimal scaling.
Control time and budget
Stop making common mistakes and get it right from the start.
Investor-Friendly Product
We enabled Canaree to secure over €1M from investors through our product discovery workshop.
Minimize risks
We’ve built multiple products and learned from our mistakes, so you don’t have to. Benefit from our expertise!


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Years developing software products

€1 million+

Last MVP raised from VCs
  • Nicolas Kidd
    Head of Product, FairArt
    The team actively suggests improvements rather than simply building without asking questions. We had a few meetings with the Project Manager with whom we refined the Product Requirements and identified the core functionality for the MVP. During this time, Webamboos used their expertise to suggest improvements and point out any potential tech blockers early on.

Price Plans

Get a professional product playbook for the same price as getting a landing page!
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Discovery Workshop
Prototype (up to 3 flows)
Discovery Session (4h)
Product Definition
User Flows (up to 3)
Technical Requirements
Estimated Budget
Risk Report



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Premium Deal
Advanced Workshop
Everything in Starter Kit plus:
Prototype (up to 5 flows)
Discovery Session (10h)
Gant Chart Timeline
Dedicated Project Manager



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The team actively suggests improvements rather than simply building without asking questions. This collaboration is key to creating great products, that are both technically robust and pleasant from a UX point of view. When we did run into issues (which is unavoidable when building a complex product), we could always count on the team to adapt and come up with solutions.
Nicolas Kidd
Head of Product, FairArt
We had weekly check in meetings and their communication is really good. We are always in sync so we can assure both our business needs and know how are shared with their team and as well so we can provide feedback on the existing development. We communicate both via slack and conference calls.
Andrei Hogea
Head of Tech, Blackwood Seven
First we had some discovery sessions to define the scope of the app after which we have defined all the requirements. the communication and management tools that webamboos uses allow us to always have everything under control and to report any problems or bugs at any time, they are very present. they constantly update us on what they are working on and on the road map.
Mario Niedda
After launching the new platform, we saw an improvement in the conversion rate caused by the optimization of the User Experience. We also saw an increase in organic traffic. The communication with the team was great.
Ovidiu Stegari
CEO, Helperz
They had a very consistent process at the beginning which is called Product Discovery Workshop. We needed the first release to be launched ASAP. However, they assured us to go through the entire product discovery workshop as this will save a lot of time during the development. They had full ownership of the project, so they made all the technical decisions.
Andrei Goras
Operations Director,
"We communicate via Slack and weekly meetings. We appreciate webamboo’s hardworking team — they’re always receptive to feedback and willing to improve their methods to accommodate our complex needs."
Tom Milberg
R&D General Manage, Zemingo


If you still have questions you can find some of them answered below.
What is a discovery workshop?
A product discovery workshop is a collaborative process where our team of experts work with you to define your product vision, estimate the time and budget needed for development, identify user needs, prioritize features, and create a roadmap for your desired product. The workshop involves 4 hours of zoom calls and access to a dedicated slack channel where you can communicate with your project manager. At the end of the workshop, you will receive all the necessary assets and a basic Figma clickable prototype.
How long is the workshop?
Typically, the workshop lasts for a period of 2-3 weeks; however, we recommend scheduling a brief call to obtain the precise time frame.
How long will it take for me to receive all final assets?
We'll deliver the final assets, such as the product roadmap and risk report, as per the agreed deadline. We'll collect your feedback for each deliverable and incorporate all suggestions into the plan.
What is Product Definition?
Product definition is a highly technical report designed to empower your product with the potential to succeed. Our team of experts provides a thorough analysis, including an executive summary, customer definition, value proposition, business model, tech analysis, and expert recommendations.
What is a Gant chart - Timeline?
A Gantt chart is a powerful tool that we use to visually represent project timelines, with each task and feature broken down into specific timeframes. This helps us to create a clear and comprehensive plan for the development of your product, ensuring that we stay on track and meet our deadlines. With the Gantt chart, you'll be able to see exactly when each feature will be completed, providing you with greater insight and control over the development process.
What if I have a limited budget?
No problem! We understand that every dollar counts, and we're here to help. From the first call, we'll work with you to understand your budget constraints and create a plan that meets your needs without compromising quality.
How exactly the workshop help me?
You'll gain an in-depth understanding of your project's estimated budget, development timeline, and essential MVP feature set for a faster and more cost-effective launch. With our personalized technical roadmap, you'll save valuable resources and streamline the development process.
What price option should I choose?
If you have only an idea and are looking to develop an MVP, then the Starter Kit for 999€ is the best option. But if you have plans for a more complex product that includes also architecture, the best choice would be the Advanced Kit for 3499€. Finally, if our offer doesn't fit you please contact us and we will provide a custom offer based on your needs.
Why should I pick you?
Our team has a proven track record of helping founders like you to create successful digital products. We have extensive experience in product strategy, design, and development, and we're dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Plus, we offer a money-back guarantee, so you can feel confident in your decision to work with us.
What can I find in a risk report?
Our risk report helps you identify potential risks that may impact the success of your product, such as technical or market-related risks. We provide actionable insights and recommendations for mitigating these risks and ensuring the success of your product. 
How do you define user flows?
The user flows contains around 3-5 pages that show how users navigate through a website or app. We use FigJam software to create them and focus only on the main user journeys.
What do you mean by product development architecture?
We provide a blueprint which outlines the overall design and technical structure of the system, ensuring a robust and scalable foundation for your product's success.This document will be sent along with other assets by the end of the worshop.
What do I get for paying you 999€?
You'll get exclusive access to a dedicated manager, personal slack channel, and direct communication with our entire team of specialists. We'll help you define your persona, budget, timeline, and essential features, all while providing a comprehensive technical roadmap and risk report to identify and mitigate potential obstacles.
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